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"Just built mine and its pretty awesome"

Joshua, Sep 4th 2021, Thingiverse

"Perfect for the summer, the breeze is really nice"

Leka, Jun 15th 2023, Printables

"They are awesome. It provides the right amount of cooling to make a hot room tolerable - it provides a nice steady stream of cool, and more importantly, DRY air that is just enough to keep comfortable. Great big thank you for the great design and for sharing so widely and freely. This is simply awesome."

Father_adventures, Jun 21 2022, Reddit


Years of development, hundreds of prototypes and problems solved, insane optimization of a design specifically intended to be produced in the highest quality with 3D printers. Now Yuki is finally ready, and I am happy to set it free! I am sharing both its 3d model, so that everyone can continue to improve and customize it, and its production file for the 3D printer, so that anyone can produce it easily! Wherever there is a 3D printer, Yuki can be born! The dream is that Yuki, with low energy consumption, will be used all over the world instead of traditional air conditioners and can thus help us save the planet. Together we can make it happen!


"According to the International Energy Agency, as of 2018, 1.6 billion air conditioning units were installed which accounted for an estimated 20% of energy usage in buildings globally with the number expected to grow to 5.6 billion by 2050. The United Nations called for the technology to be made more sustainable to mitigate climate change. Refrigerants used within air conditioners have caused damage to the ozone layer and are also exacerbating climate change." [Wikipedia]



Yuki has low energy consuption, and it is made of PLA, a material produced from renewable resources

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Wherever there is a 3D printer, Yuki can be born:
it's The Future of Sustainability!

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Yuki cools down the air and absorbs moisture using ice from the freezer: just simply use ice-packs or bottles of any size!

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Nothing more than printed parts and a USB fan, quiet and gently powerful, Yuki is simply just pure funcionality

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Over the years Yuki changed, evolved and got perfected, achieving an outstanding evolutionary stage

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